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Introducing our Waterproof Fire Starter, the must-have item for all your camping needs. This fire starter is designed to help you start fires effortlessly, even after being submerged in water. Made with all-natural, environmentally-friendly, and biodegradable ingredients, this product comes in a leak-proof and recyclable , rust-proof aluminum tin containing 10 compact fire starter rounds. Simply tear a small piece and ignite the exposed fibers for a slow-burning, reliable fire starter. Lightweight and easy to carry, this Waterproof Fire Starter is the perfect addition and a must have with your camping essentials.

Available wholesale costs: half-lots (30 units) and full-lots (60 units). Message for details.

Soy wax option coming soon!

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Waterproof Fire Starter (Firestarter)

SKU: 0198168198797
PriceFrom $10.99
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