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This Personalized Photo Portrait Laser Engraved Stone Slate Plaque Gift is the perfect way to commemorate special memories for years to come. The photo is laser engraved onto the slate, ensuring that the image will not fade over time. It is a great choice for gift-giving and adding a unique touch to any home. It can be used to display wedding pictures, special captured memories, or photos of family or friends. It is available in either 8"x12" or 6"x9" sizes.


Simply pick the size tile plaque you would like your image to be laser engraved on and submit your photo image by attaching it to an email message by clicking on the customer service button after checkout. 

For best quality laser print, please submit your favorite black and white photo image with at least 300dpi. Please limit photo image size to no more than 10mb. Any questions or concerns our designers are always happy to help.

Engraved Photo Portrait on Stone Slate Plaque Gift

PriceFrom $59.99
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