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*Hot New Item for all quilters, Tailors and sewers! Introducing our thick, high quality and handmade Tailor’s Quilting Clappers!

Handmade in Minnesota, USA from the finest American Maple Wood and is a must have for flattening seems while quilting or tailoring.


Our hardwood clappers are hand cut, hand sanded and heavyweight for getting those seems flattened just right.


We do not use any finishes on these products ensuring a clean non residue application when using on your fabrics.

These Clappers come in three sizes: 7” 9” and 10.” Width of 3” and 2"- 2.25” thick (8/4-10/4)!


Quality handmade clappers at an affordable price.

Reliable and comfortable to work with.


The larger sizes are especially heavy, weighing in over a pound!

Get your clapper today and be the envy of your quilting, tailoring and sewing friends and start flattening seems like a pro.


Wood type matters- American Maple and Cherry are closed grain and closed grain is best for absorbing heat and moisture while flattening the fibers of your material into new shape.


Perfect gift for Christmas Hanukkah Birthdays Holidays or any occasion


Compare with ‘Riley Blake’ (and other competitors) Tailors Quilting Clapper and see the superior difference in size first hand!


Our handmade Hard Maplewood tailors quilting clappers are nearly twice as thick as the competitors clappers.

That’s up to 40% larger than the competition!


Personalized Tailor’s Quilting Clapper Better than Riley Blake’s Quilting Clappers Gift Handmade Maple Wood Quilt Clapper Heavyweight Tailoring Clapper Tool Sewing Clapper Gift Sewing clappers Tool Gift Sew

Fabric seems Best Tailors Clapper Gift Maplewood Tailor Clapper Gift


Please email us for details on larger (10+) orders.

*More in stock available than what’s advertised.

Heavyweight Maple Tailor’s Quilting Clapper Gift Sewing Tool

PriceFrom $32.99
  • Exchanges only - 14 days

    Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs and any loss in value if an item isn't returned in original condition.

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