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Need Garden markers? We've got you covered!

Order yours today. Add what type of Plant, Flower, Herb or Vegetable in the text field below or personalize your rock garden marker by contacting us at the customer service link below. All engraved garden markers are etched permanently onto the rock/stone. Great for indoor or outdoor use to mark your garden year round.


All garden markers will have the name as specified from the text field and an outlined image of the Plant, Flower, Herb or Vegetable along with the pernunciation of the item as seen in the pictures above.


Rocks come in various shapes and sizes. No two rocks exactly alike of course.

Small 3-4"

Medium 4.25”-5.25”

Large 5.5-6.5”

Larger sizes available. Please message us for more information.



Any questions? We're always here to help!


Once again, just let us know what type of flower, vegetable, herb, tree or plant you would like your garden marker to identify in the text area or email us by clicking our cutomer support link or click on our contact link to speak with one of our designers to customize your rock today. Unless specified otherwise, all garden markers will come with an identifying image and the name of the plant along with the pernunciation of said item. All garden markers are lightly glossed.


Need a price quote on a larger order?

Our staff is ready to help and happy to answer any questions you may have. Just click the customer support button below and send a message.

Personalized Rock Stone Garden Markers starting at

SKU: 632835642834572
PriceFrom $14.99
  • Rocks are laser printed to order and can be custom printed by contacting us first at customer support. Rocks come in various shapes and sizes. No two exactly alike.

    Small rocks 1.5"-3" 

    Medium 3"-7"

    Large 7"+

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