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So what's Next you ask?!

Well, maybe a hint..

The elves in the Triston workshop have been so excited to introduce you to some new 'friends' who will be joining the product line, they can hardly contain themselves!

Elves Dancing excited for whats to come

Unfortunately, these new friends are very shy and though the elves begged and pleaded and tried all they could to persuade their new friends to come celebrate the 2023 Christmas season with them, and join the new product line,  the peer pressure got to them and well, so did 'Buddy'.

While on his journey back to New York from the North Pole 'Buddy' passed through the seven levels of Candy Cane Forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops and after walking through the Lincoln tunnel, as he peered in the window of a Marshall's discounted lingerie store, he recognized one of Santa's favorite Homeys and decided to drop in. Unfortunately, 'Buddy' couldn't help himself and he decided to make a comment to 'Tattoo Mike' that didn't sit well..

will ferrel elf

You see, 'Tattoo Mike' has a reputation to uphold. He's a burly homey, full of hair and leads the 'Outlawed Reindeer' chapter of Santa's secret biker society 'Training wheels' when he's not "working hard for Santa." He even pretends he's color blind,  to get out of working for Santa in the paint shop while his favorite soaps are on TV during the day. 'Tattoo Mike' plays it cool.  When Santa asks any questions he pretends he's deep in thought and can't have his concentration broken or he'll lose the "brilliant new toy ideas he's thinking up for next year." 

Secretly 'Tattoo Mike' knows, if anyone were to find out (especially someone like 'Buddy') that he's not really a 'hard core candy cane pushing' 'Outlawed Reindeer' chapter, 'Training Wheels' VP/ miracle toy inventing and tattooed homey "genius" (like he sold Santa on many months ago). And rather he is addicted to 'The Price is Right' and bubble gum floss, aspires to be an interior decorator (from all he's learned from public interior design shows on public access ) for a local retail candy store named 'Sucker' where he's referred to as  'Mr. Fancy Pants'... because of one. drunkin. mishap.. Has gone out of his way for years to hide the fact that he loves to voluntarily redecorate the women's lingerie department at Marshalls and believes he's going to become a real political role model for the younger generation by staying current with everything he needs know to be a "proper American citizen'  from the geniuses on 'The View.'.?!.. 

What if 'Buddy' tells Rudolph, or any of the other elves or 'chapter' members were to find out 'Tattoo Mike' secretly binge watches seasons of 'Dr. Phil' while taking shots of corn syrup and gumdrop vodka before really hitting the sugar hard and catching up on 'The View',  which would typically lead to blacking out and getting naked at some point during Jeopardy (?) and waking up in Santa's sleigh somewhere on candy cane lane! 

The consequence could be devastating for 'Tattoo homey'.  He could get teased or worse, actually made to work for Santa. Or worse than that, have to work for Mrs. Clause.. And what if he were to wind up blacking out and waking up naked somewhere near her?!

'Tattoo' homey couldn't have that, so he came up with the wildest most epic story he could've possibly imagined and.. 

will ferrel elf

And just to make sure 'Buddy' really would't tell others that 'Tattoo 'Mike' was really good at reorganizing and decorating the women lingerie section at Marshalls (or find out about his naked sleigh rides) 'Mr. Fancy Pants,' I mean 'Tattoo Mike' sent the 'chapters' new salon stylist, I mean 'Prospect Gator' to give  'Buddy' a message. 

"If the elves ever want their new 'Friends' to show up in the Triston shop, 'Tattoo Mike's' secret better always be safe! 

Elf vs racoon

And if you are still reading this and were entertained with any of the story (even in the very least) hinting about our new product to be in 2024..  frankly, we're very worried about yah! Especially, if you liked the snippet of 'Gator' handling 'Buddy'.

But, then again, you're probably our type of people either way and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy and safe New Year!   


PS. The Elves here in Triston's shop are excited to introduce everyone to our "New Friends." However, and we hate to have to tell you the story above was actually completely fictional and made up for entertainment purposes. So, being that we want to clear up any confusion that may have occurred from the details above. We just wanted to straiten the record out and let you know the real reason why our workshop elves "New Friends" didn't show up on time for the holidays. It's because..

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